February 5, 2011

I didn’t feel well last night so I slept for about 12 hours or so. I feel better this morning. We tried the water heater again and I took the coldest shower I’ve ever taken in my life. I think I almost went into hypothermic shock but I managed to make it through. It felt so good to take a shower and wash my hair. It had been a couple days (yeah I know gross, whatever, welcome to Jordan, deal with it). Well today a couple of the other students called and we decided to go to a gym called Sports City. It was truly an eventful cab ride. Adam sat in the front and directed the cab driver to take us to sports city. We almost got there and then he directed the driver to go to the University (He was convinced he saw it from there. But he was wrong as that was in the complete opposite direction). The driver turned around and took us to the University main gate. I told them to let us out there and we crossed the street to hail another cab. We grabbed another cab and the driver took us back to where we were when we had turned around before. Turns out we were about a block away. We met the others and then took a long walk through the streets of Amman exploring and looking for internet cafes and somewhere to eat, preferably somewhere that had both. Eventually food won the argument and we stopped and ate. After eating we bid our goodbyes and headed back to the apartment. Tomorrow is the first day of class. It’s not a real class per se, but a Modern Standard Arabic review session. Then in the afternoon we have the U.S. Embassy safety briefing. Hopefully between those I’ll have a chance to talk to the residence advisor about the issues with the apartment. Time will tell if I find success.

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  1. Ugh. I’m staying in the US, I think.

    I just noticed that you figured out how to change your background. Excellent. I haven’t figured that one out myself, but then….I like my own asian themed one. Miss you. 🙂

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