February 18, 2011

It’s been an exhausting week. Classes here are very demanding. It’s funny because during our orientation the program informed us that we would be getting less homework to allow us to go out and experience the city and use it as our own 24 hour language lab. That’s funny to me because I’ve had so much homework I don’t have time to do anything. In fact I can’t get all the reading done. Between my area studies and my arabic courses my language lab consists of taxis to and from school. Otherwise I’m reading Area studies or doing Arabic homework. Right now I’m getting about 5 hours of sleep a night. Someone in the program mentioned that our courseload is the equivalent of about 20 credit hours back at home. I wish I could get that in writing to send back to my home school because I could use 20 credits…Oh well, such is life.

After a trip to the kiosk who sold me my internet I was informed my usb internet plug is broken. I’m so glad I’ve paid for almost 3 weeks of nothing. I’d ask for my money back but there is no consumer protection here. It’s simply my problem to deal with. Supposedly I can get a replacement but we’ll see. Nothing surprises me anymore. My only source of internet right now is to either use the super slow private study center network (I mean like 56k dial-up slow) or public spaces like coffee shops or restaurants. At this point I can’t download or upload any pictures because I don’t have 6-8 hours to spare while everything moves at 1 KB a second. I hope I’m not destroying anyone’s dreams of study abroad with this blog. I’m simply just trying to portray things as they are here.

Friday was an interesting day. Today was the day that high school seniors found out if they passed their standardized tests which determine where and what they can study in a university. It began at 8 am. Thousands of young people driving around screaming and honking their car horns. Oh and they also like to shoot guns here. So to celebrate they shoot them in the air (where do the bullets land?) So my friday consisted of trying to read my gazillion pages of area studies reading and listening to screaming young people, blaring music, honking car horns, and periodic gunfire. Needless to say it’s hard to get things done that way. This all went on until the wee hours of the morning. Oh well, tomorrow I get to go tour the biblical sites with a bunch of my colleagues. Should be fun.


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