Operation Rescue Kitty

So I was standing in the kitchen listening to my headphones when my roommate Adam walked in and exclaimed: “WHAT THE &%#$!?!?!” I turned and looked and there was a cat sitting on our window sill meowing at us. It was an orange tabby with medium to long hair. I didn’t notice because I was listening to my headphones. Apparently it had jumped from the railing of our garden to our kitchen window which is actually above the parking area so it’s basically on the second floor. Somehow it had climbed through the bars and was now stuck between the bars and the window. I decided to undertake operation rescue kitty before it became frantic. I put my coat and gloves on just in case it decided to try and bite me (I don’t want be back at the hospital for rabies shots). I opened the window and let it enter the kitchen on its own. Although hesitant at first, it eventually walked in and rubbed on my hand. I picked it up and took it to our front door and let it taste freedom once again. Operation rescue kitty was a success.

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